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Whether you purchase, borrow, or create from scratch, use a code library.

Date : 2006-06-14
Using a code library will help you to maintain your coding standards. If every time you accomplish a certain task you use the exact same function not only will you be a faster, more productive programmer (and thus worth more) but you will also have more opportunities to improve on your code. As you encounter different programming experiences you learn better, faster, cleaner ways to accomplish tasks by keeping your code in a repository, or library you will be able to apply these experiences to every project from then on.

I recommend writing your own code library but starting with a ready made library works as well. Even with purchased code as time goes by you will find ways to improve on it.

Even if there are times when a function needs to be tailored to a specific application in a way that makes it too specific to be used on another site you will still be able to benefit by using the template of a similar function to start from and make the necessary adjustments to fit the current application.

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