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No matter how sure you are of your knowledge you can always learn more.

Date : 2009-04-06
There are some processes we go through so often that we probably cut and paste the code most of the time. For instance we probably all have a boiler plate include for our database connections. There is nothing wrong with that, it's part of getting proficient in any language.

The problem arises when we rest on that past knowledge and don't continue to learn. One of the great things about this Information Industry is that things are constantly changing. We, as developers, really need to be in for forefront of all that change. We need to know what the new, best methods are. We need to know when a security update has made a previously effecting programming tactic fail.

The way we keep up with all these changes is to read, read everything. Find yourself a good industry news source and keep up with it. Pick a good book as often as possible to read front to back. All of this learning will keep your mind sharp and keep you relevant in the industry.

There is no excuse for falling behind, and there is no room for people who don't keep up.

Toward this end we've started a Book Review page on BestCodingPractices. Check it out.

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