Technology and development are constantly changing, in order to keep up with the newest and best methods for completing our projects we need to read a great deal. It helps to gather trustworthy sources of information together to save time tracking it all. These news items will be updated daily to keep you current on the state of the development industry.
Introduction to ASP.NET Master Pages
With the inception of ASP.NET 2.0 with VS.NET 2005, a lot of new features have been introduced which make it possible to increase productivity and web application design very easy. One of these features is master pages. Master Pages are the templates whic   (0)
DotNetTopics is an upcoming site in .Net 2.0 and related technologies like Atlas , SQL 2005, Linq etc. It has various useful links, RSS feeds, Blogs and Podcasts to read from.   (1)
Creating a Super Fast - Super Easy DotNetNuke Module For absolute beginners!
This tutorial will show you how to create a DotNetNuke module using the new DAL+, an extended feature set of the DotNetNuke Data Access Layer (DAL). The goal of this tutorial is to show how DotNetNuke module development is now Super-Fast and Super-Easy.   (0)
XSL Transformations in .NET 2.0
Having realized the need for efficient built-in support for XSLT processing, Microsoft has included in the .NET Framework 2.0 a set of classes that are highly optimized, robust, and scalable. This article will explore the rich XSLT support provided by th   (0)
MAC-UI Suite for .NET
The MAC-UI Suite contains 30 UI controls for creating Windows-based applications. MAC-UI Suite supports 4 UI styles: MAC style, Office2003 style, IDE2003 style and Plain. Among them, the MAC style is the most special style in this UI control suite.   (0)
DotNetNuke - Amazon Related Products
Take a look at my Amazon Related Products module. The module use AWS(Amazon Web Services) to search for books that match the keyword(s) you define. Display books related to your page contain and start earning commission on all sales you generate.   (0)
LDAP Directory DNN 4
Do you use DotNetNuke to maintain the company Intranet? Would you like display a list of buildings, phone numbers, computers or printers without having to work to keep it up to date? Create all this and more from your organisations Active Directory   (0)
Improving DotNetNuke 3.2.2 Load Time Performance
Our newly released white paper "Improving DotNetNuke 3.2.2 Load Time Performance" describes the technique to increase performance and load times for DNN. All necessary configuration, compilation and installation steps required to deploy DNN in the GAC are   (0)
Threading Proof of Concept Code Snippet Using .NET 2.0
This code sample shows how to start multiple threads to enhance performance. I was looking for a way to increase performance of a console application that records information to a database. The included code sample has a couple of techniques.   (0)
Introduction to ASP.NET 2.0 Themes
In this article we will try to cover one great feature of ASP.NET 2.0, i.e. Themes. Themes are the great way to customize user-experience in the web application. Themes are used to define the look and feel of the web application, similar to the use of Cas   (0)
Japan may require NTT to share its new IP network (Reuters)
Reuters - Japan's government said on Tuesday it may require Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp. (NTT) to open the new high-speed Internet communications network it is developing to other firms, a move aimed at spurring competition in the market.   (0)
Media firms queue up for U.S. wireless auction (Reuters)
Reuters - As U.S. telephone carriers move into the television business, media conglomerates are eyeing ways to grab valuable wireless airwaves as another way to deliver profitable high-speed Internet and other services.   (0)
Apple Rumored To Be Working on Talking iPod (NewsFactor)
NewsFactor - It seems ages ago that Apple first introduced a snazzy digital-music player with an innovative click-wheel and counterpart online music store. A few generations of the device later, the company added video and left many wondering what might b   (1)
Vonage Sued in VoIP Patent Infringement Case (PC World)
PC World - Federal suit claims Vonage infringed another firm's patent for Internet telephony voice mail.   (0)
Internet poker could net US billions in tax: study (Reuters)
Reuters - Regulating Internet poker could bring the U.S. government some $3.3 billion in taxes annually, according to a study to be released on Tuesday, ahead of an expected debate over legislation to ban online gambling.   (0)
Vonage Expands VoIP Portfolio (TechWeb)
TechWeb - Broadband telephone services provider Vonage Holdings Corp. has acquired ownership of three patents from Digital Packet Licensing Inc. that enable voice over internet protocol technology (VoIP).   (0)
Google Checkout Doesn't Pay on EBay (TechWeb)
TechWeb - Google Checkout, launched in June, is likely to compete against PayPal, eBay's own payment service, in some arenas.   (0)
Spitzer says AOL customer woes remain an issue (Reuters)
Reuters - New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, who last year struck a settlement with America Online regarding its customer service policies, will meet with AOL to discuss if the Internet services giant still blocks customers from canceling their   (0)
FBI Warns Job Hunters Of Online Job Scams (TechWeb)
TechWeb - Be extra careful when looking for work in cyberspace. The FBI is investigating some cases that involve fake job interviews or offers of employment that are actually ways to lure people into helping crime rings.   (0)
Paris Pines For World's 'Most Connected' City Status (TechWeb)
TechWeb - The mayor of Paris wants to cover his city with free Wi-Fi Internet access by the end of 2007.   (0)