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Web Developers: Do not test code on a production environment, use a Developement platform.

Date : 2006-06-17
Set up a development environment that matches your production environment. I'm surprised at how many developers try to write new code on a production server.

One mistake where you forget to increment a loop can create an endless loop pulling down the whole server causing web site visitors to see an ugly error message.

Some may feel that having two environments set up is a waste of time and resources, but it is invaluable as a protection to the quality and dependability of your production environment.

Once you have 2 environments setup then you need a method for making sure that you don't overwrite any updates. It should be a one-way road from development environment to production environment. There are many methods that will work well and which you choose will depend on the number of developers you have and many other variables but it is important to set up a method and stick to it.

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